Casino payment methods

Here are some popular casino payment methods:

Paypal Casino Payment Method:

Paypal is a world popular name and a reliable as well as a secure tool to make online payments for services and goods as well as the paypal casino payment method is one of the most popular methods of depositing your money into online gambling accounts. The paypal online transfer methods is one of the most trusted and safest in the industry of online payments, because with the strong security features that paypal boasts, none of your private and financial information would ever be accessible to a 3rd party. It’s like an e-wallet system. You can deposits funds with paypal in a lot of ways. You also can view some specific period transactions as well with paypal. The paypal firm provides its service for free to make deposits through your bank; however it will charge you some money to get the money out of your paypal account into your bank account.

Poli Casino Payment Method:

Poli is a system of online payment which is meant for the people in South Africa, Australia, the UK and the country of New Zealand. This system connects the bank account of the merchant with your online bank account. Poli online payments are done safely and handled instantly. When you sign up for an account with Poli and get the Poli client installed on your pc or cell phone then you can connect the Poli account with your bank account.
Poli uses a 128 bit encryption for its security, meaning that all your private information stays private, with you and can never be accessed by any third party.

BPay Casino Payment Method:

Bpay is system of online payment meant for the citizens of Australia. 16,000 companies and more use the online payment system of Bpay today. You can choose the account you wish to make a payment from, through Bpay, and can use Bpay for depositing money into gambling online websites to play various casino based games. With Bpay, you can pay through your bank account or your credit card account.
You also can connect one or even more than one of your bank accounts with Bpay. When you want to make a bill payment with Bpay service, then you would need to key in the code provided by Bpay on the firm’s official website, and then the firm would verify your payment which is to be made, and the amount would be paid for from your choice of account.

Direct-e-banking Casino Payment Method:

Direct-e-banking allows fast, reliable and secure online transactions. This system links your bank with that of the merchants and hence a direct payment can be made into the account of the merchant, and the process happens in real time and instantly. The Direct-e-banking security features are very modern, sophisticated and highly technologically sound, so when you make direct-e-banking online payments, you need not worry about your information being accessed by 3rd party for with direct-e-banking, it won’t happen and your private information would stay safe, just as it’s supposed to be, safe with you.

Intercash Casino Payment Method:

Intercash is prepaid card system, where the clients get tailor made solutions, that combine the benefits of the prepaid Intercash card with a nice user friendly web interface.
The Intercash management system is a stable system, which has been developed, to offer a high functionality level, which makes the withdrawals and deposits done online, secure, fast and safe. Intercash issues its clients prepaid cards by MasterCard for online web gambling deposits or other transactions. The company boasts a great interface, and has the best and the latest technology along with top notch services to ease the global level cash management, making Intercash fast and safe.

Fasterpay Casino Payment Method:

Fasterpay is an e-payment system, where you can deposit funds at gambling websites and this is a faster, reliable and a secure way of depositing or transferring money to online gambling sites and to the online merchant’s bank accounts. This service is meant for the citizens of the United Kingdom and with the Fasterpay service, you need not worry about keeping in mind all your usernames or your passwords. Fasterpay does not charge any additional fees for its service. One does not even need to open up for a new account to utilize the Fasterpay services. The Fasterpay transactions are very safe and the third party cannot access any of your private details.

ENets Casino Payment Method:

This is a Singapore based branded firm working in the online payment industry. eNets eases the cashless payment service for its customers. With eNets, you can be in full charge of your expenses or finances, which generally you cannot, with a credit card system of payment, and thus with the eNets payment service, you would not get yourself falling into debts ever as this is a smart way of paying at online casinos. eNets today offers a range of very secure as well as reliable solutions for payments which keep you in control of money. It’s also a very secure way of making payments and all your transactions are debited right away from your own bank, instantly. The firm guarantees safe payments as the payments can be authorized only the PIN number provided by eNets and your eNets card.

Instant Wire Transfer Casino Payment Method:

Instant wire transfers are of the safest ways of transferring funds into an account of a merchant anywhere in the world, or to any gambling website. One can make Instant Wire transfers to any body around the world who has a bank account and the funds would be transferred instantly, without any delays or waiting for days for the transfer to take place. The Instant Wire service funds transfer to any bank account across the world is offered by banks, thus you will have to check with your bank if they provide this service or not.
To make the Instant Wire transfer, you would need to give in the account details of the other person’s bank account, to your bank, where the funds are to be transferred. In case you have made a purchase, then you would have to provide your bank the purchase details as well and post that your bank would make the Instant Wire transfer.

Interac Casino Payment Method:

Interac is a Canadian based safe direct payment method where it gives the online players a quick and easy access to their funds for making online payments. Because it’s a method of direct payment, you would not have to worry about getting your self into debts or paying money at the end of each month, for the money would be paid instantly you’re your account, to the merchant or the online gaming website. It’s also a safe way of making transactions online. Interac doesn’t charge any fees to its customers or the merchants directly but it works on the cost recovery basis, meaning, the company will fee for each transaction, and cover its operating cost.