Bpay payments at online casinos

Bpay Payments at Online Casinos and about the Company:

Bpay is an electronic payment system which has been developed and designed for the Australian citizens specifically. Bpay is a nice way of handling all the bills and you can also do Bpay payments at online casinos and thus transfer money online to the gambling websites as well as you can transfer money to the online merchants with Bpay. The firm Bpay today is connected to the major Australian financial institutes and it is also one of the most popular and loved ways of making Bpay payments at online casinos as well as doing transactions online to merchants and gambling websites. The Bpay payment service can be used by any individual with a Bpay account, at your own bank or even by linking it with a credit card.

Bpay today is a leading and loved e-payment solution in the Australian continent and the Bpay service would connect its client with any of the 170 major financial institutes that operate all the important Australian banks. More than 16,000 firms today use the service of Bpay 90% and more of the Australian citizens today have an access to the Bpay service and account. 185 million transactions are more were reported with Bpay in 2008. The total worth of all the transfers and Bpay payments at online casinos reached to a value of AUD 145 billion. When one makes Bpay payments at online casinos to deposit money for playing games like bingo, poker, casino or even for playing at sports betting sites, then it’s very easy for an account holder with Bpay to take his/her choice of account from which he wants the payment to be processed, and that can either be your credit card account or even your bank account.

A Bpay user can pay the bills online as well as shop online and make Bpay payments at online casinos using Bpay payment service. The Bpay e-payment service is connected to one’s banks, credit cards or even phone banks and with Bpay, you can purchase services and goods online with ease and make Bpay payments at online casinos and transfer money to online merchants. When anyone signs up for a Bpay account, then they can connect either one bank or more than one bank with the Bpay account, like you can connect your checking or savings accounts with the Bpay account. One can also connect their credit card with the Bpay account for e-payment. When paying bills wit Bpay, one has to key in the Bpay code on to the bill which is required to be paid on the Bpay’s official website which would then be verified by Bpay. Post the verification by the company, the bill amount would be paid from the bank account or a person’s credit card account, according to the preference of the individual.

Bpay Payments at Online Casinos and the History of the Firm:

The company Bpay was into the scene when it was first launched in November 1997. The company which launched the new product by Bpay has been actively and strongly involved in Australia’s financial market, years before the Bpay product was invented or came into picture. CSL which is also known as Cardlink Services Ltd, is the company that owns the firm Bpay and it was set up in 1978. The major aim o this firm was to provide its clients with a credit card based system in Australia. The company later changed name and became Cardlink Services Ltd., and then in 1988 it restated the goals for the firm as well. The Bpay e-payment system method was started in 1997 and the Bpay payment technology has a backing up of 9 of the finest Australian financial institutes. Back then, they began with just one person as an employee and more than 35 customers and merchants used the Bpay system for their billing services and requirements by then. During the 1st month of its launch, Bpay took care of around 235,000 payments and the whole worth was around $37 million.

It’s been about 14 years since the launch of Bpay and the firm has around 14 employees still and the Bpay e-payment system is spread far and wide across the Australian continent. About 170 financial institutes in Australia provide the Bpay e-payment system.

General Information about Bpay Payments at Online Casinos:

Cardlink Services Ltd owns Bpay, and this firm is owned and regulated by an alliance of major banks in Australia like ANZ, National Australia Bank, BankW, Westpac, St George Bank and Commonwealth Bank. The company CSL has a board of 5 members and these are named by the share holders, and these significantly are the financial institutes that own CSL. The firm CSL is the largest provider of credit cards today in Australia.

The Available and Accepted Currencies for Bpay Payments at Online Casinos:

Bpay e-payment is famous all over Australia is supported by more than 170 banks as well as financial institutes. The Bpay payments at online casinos are quick and instant and all the transactions done through Bay are secure and reliable and the transaction can be viewed in your account, post you have made the payment. Many payments can be scheduled at the same time with Bpay. As the firm is based in Australia and targets the Australian market, all the transactions through Bpay are done in Australian Dollars.

Bpay offers the following currencies in which a person can open a Bpay account in: Australian Dollar (AUD).

Languages Support for Bpay Payments at Online Casinos:

Bpay offers its services to the customers only in English as the market it targets is solely Australian and the company is based in Australia itself. All the account holders with Bpay can get in touch with the customer support or the company via phone or e-mail. One can connect as many bank accounts as they want with their Bpay account, making it further easier for Bpay payments at online casinos.

Bpay offers the following languages in which one can avail its support and services in: English.