Direct e banking payments at online casinos

Direct e banking Payments at Online Casinos and about the Company:

Direct e banking is an e-payment or online payment system that speeds up all the transactions that is carried on between the bank of the customer and the bank of the online merchant or the online gambling websites. If you want to buy products and services online then with direct e banking, the whole process would be taken a notch up in terms of speed and would be done instantly, and thus people like to make direct e banking payments at online casinos and thus make a bank transfer from there account into the online gambling account. The direct e banking payments at online casinos are reliable, fast and secure. With direct-banking, you can the merchants online bank account with your own bank account and thus when you make direct e banking payments at online casinos or buy goods and services online and want to pay the amount to the merchant, then you can do that directly with direct e banking as the money would be transferred from your account to his in a matter of seconds and the online merchant would get the money you transferred in real time, meaning, that your order can be shipped right away.

Direct e banking payments at online casinos is a very simple process and for the payments to be made successfully with direct e banking, there are just 3 important but simple steps one needs to get done, for a successful transfer, and the best part about this is you don’t even need to open up a direct e banking account for the same. The first thing you would need to do is pick the option for payment with direct e banking and you would then come across a form which has been pre-filled. When you come to this stage, you just need to fill up the detail about your country of residence along with the bank code linked to your own bank account. You would then be required to key in the transactions number, also otherwise called the TAN number, given to you by the bank; once done that, your money would be instantly transferred.

Security is one of the best features of direct e banking. We all know that are loads of people today who are not really comfortable about online transactions or purchase of services and goods online, the reason being online security is always a threat for there have been many reported cases of identity theft, phishing, scams, internet fraud etc. thus all of this makes people resistant to try and use the internet for making payments or purchases. Everybody wants a good backup or security when it comes to their precious money and there aren’t many websites today that guarantee online safety and even people forget to check the websites for safety many a times and end up falling prey to these online scams. Direct e banking takes its security very seriously as they are genuinely worried about the money of their customers and thus the customers trust the firm. The firm also offers up to €50,000 of insurance and thus you can safely use and make direct e banking payments at online casinos. The company is also licensed with the firm TUV and the German Federal Department for Information Technology and Security also.

Direct e banking Payments at Online Casinos and the History of the Firm:

Payment Network AG owns Direct e banking payment system, and Payment Network AG is not a very old firm and it started its functioning in Germany. Cristoph Klein along with Markus Neun established this firm in February 2006 February, outside Munich city and the idea was to design an online payment solution that would make online payments and transactions faster, easier and comfortable where you would not have to use your debit or credit cards any more or even transfer money into your own e-wallet.

Since the company started, it kept on growing each year and today the firm is provided by 10,000 online merchants and more, as well as gambling websites through out the World Wide Web. The direct e banking online payment service today has spread far and wide successfully across six European nations the firm offers its complete services to these countries banks. It’s easy to make direct e banking payments at online casinos today as transactions worth millions of dollars have already been made with direct e banking.

General Information about Direct e banking Payments at Online Casinos:

The company Payment Network AG owns and operates Direct e banking payment system and it focuses on safe and secure online based payment solutions. Direct e banking has strived hard and worked its way on top to create a safe platform for everyone to speed up and ease the bank transactions with the person’s own online based bank account to make direct e banking payments at online casinos and also make direct and instant payments to the online merchants. The software as well as the online platform which the firm Direct e banking has created is certified by TUV and certified by BSI certified as well. The direct e banking software is not only checked by TÜV but Tekit checks it as well, to ensure that the Direct e banking clients and customers get the best safety and security for all their online transfers, be it making direct e banking payments at online casinos or making online transfers to a merchants bank account.

The Available and Accepted Currencies for Direct e banking Payments at Online Casinos:

Direct e banking isn’t a system which has stored money because it simply is a service that creates a link between the gambling online website and your own bank or linking your bank with the bank of the online merchant who is to receive the payment from you. All the money transferred through the system of Direct e banking is done from your own bank account to the bank account of the website you want to gamble at or at the bank account of the online merchant from whom you purchased services and goods. With direct e banking, you also can transfer money to other’s account in other currency as well, which the merchant accepts, so making direct e banking payments at online casinos with direct e banking is easy and simple. If you are transferring money in another currency which is not the one which your bank supports, then there would be daily exchange rates applied.

Direct e banking can be used in the following currencies: Euro.

Languages Support for Direct e banking Payments at Online Casinos:

Direct e banking has a support unit that you can get in touch with through phone or even through email at Direct e banking’s official website. If you want contact them through phone, then do that during the official hours.

There are the languages in which direct e banking offers its services and support in: Dutch, German and English.