Poli payments at online casinos

Poli Payments at Online Casinos and about the Company:

Poli is popular payment method and it is targeted especially at the following target market: New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. You can make poli payments at online casinos as well as pay online to the merchants with poli. The option of poli payments at online casinos is developed to connect an individual’s online bank account with the online bank account of the merchant. Poli payments at online casinos are safe, reliable and easy. All poli payments at online casinos and to any online merchants are instantly done the money transfer happens immediately, from the bank account of the sender, to the online bank account of the receiver.

The system of Poli is actually directly connected to the Poli customer’s local bank, thus making poli payments at online casinos safe as well as buying services and goods online through poli is very secure and you don’t even have to have a credit card or a debit card for the same. Once anyone signs up for a Poli account and when they install the Poli client on their phone or desktop, they’d need to connect the Poli account to the bank account. This can be very easily done with the assistance of a guide you will find online on the official website of Poli or if you want, you can also do the same with the help pf the local bank account. The payment system of Poli is backed securely by thirty leading financial institutes in the countries where Poli is active and available. One can use his/her bank’s banking online services when they connect Poli to any one of the financial institutes.

Poli system focuses on safety and security when handling their customer’s money via the internet. There are a lot of people very suspicious about internet activities and don’t really like to go for online payments for anything, as we can see the rate at which the internet crimes, phishing and hacking are on a rise these days, thus it is actually quiet logical for most people to think that way and stay away from online payments and transfers but poli payments at online casinos can be made without any worries or stress because Poli has a very strong system of security where it uses a 128 encryption bit during sending of any personal or financial information on the internet. Poli does not store the personal details of any of its customers ever. With Poli, none of your bank account number or password would be connected to the bank; hence a 3rd party can never have an access of your private information.

Poli Payments at Online Casinos and the History of the Firm:

The 1st version of Poli payment system was launched in October 2004, by the company Centricom. This fast, reliable and secure product was already on its path of becoming one of the greatest solutions for the leading financial institutes in the four nations where Poli today is up and active. The Poli payment system was designed so that it could be integrated quiet easily within a good range from all the big corporate firms to the government departments and the small clients as well. Poli’s expertise and skill in online transaction processing made this firm a good link between the banks and the online merchants, thus a lot of people across the countries where Poli is active make poli payments at online casinos.
As Poli started to grow far and wide, even Centricom was bought into notice amongst people and the firm Centricom announced in August 2007 that Neteller, which is a provider of online payments in the UK, has invested in to Poli payment system and with the investment they got hold of 25% stocks in the company Centricom and it was quiet a strategic move on their end, which they had done after investigating thoroughly about the future of online payment industry.

General Information about Poli Payments at Online Casinos:

Poli runs with the help of two firms. Poli customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK are handled successfully by Centricom Pvt Ltd system, a firm located in Melbourne in Australia and the customers in South Africa are handled by the company Setcom Ltd, situated in Rivonia, South Africa. Poli never stores the personal or financial information of any of its customers with it thus the transactions are safe and one can safely make poli payments at online casinos, without any worries.

The Available and Accepted Currencies for Poli Payments at Online Casinos:

Poli targets three continents around the globe, but still, in the way the firm functions is still very local, the way it conducts and manages its business. Poli is only available and active for now in four countries that spreads from Australia which in the south, Europe which is in the north and Africa that lies in the middle of them all. The United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are the nations that Poli has successfully target. When you pay through Poli, then all the poli payments at online casinos will be taken out and withdrawn from the bank account in your local currency and it does not even matter if the currency in which the payment is being made, varies as this is dependant on the fact as to where exactly is the deposit being made.

Poli supports these currencies in which one can make all the transactions in: Canadian Dollar, UK Pound Sterling and South African Rand.

Languages Support for Poli Payments at Online Casinos:

Because the target countries of Poli all speak and communicate in English, thus English is the language in which Poli offers it facilities and services in, to its customers in all the four countries where the Poli payment system service is active and this is the reason Poli did not have the need to include its services in a third language.

Poli offers its services and supports to its customers in these languages: English.